You Got Your Golden Ticket
In my years of being in the Forex world I've met hundreds of people who tried to reach their goal with the help of trading. The goals in question were usually quite simple: to support their family, to get an additional source of income, to have a safety net in case something happens to them financially. And what I saw more often than not was amateur traders failing spectacularly at what they tried to achieve.

You see, 9 times out of 10 people see Forex as the way to get income as soon as possible, which is totally understandable. They dive into this fascinating world of possibilities and use every last bit of their new-born motivation for learning everything there is to know: they read manuals, consult with coaches, watch YouTube videos, subscribe to blogs. They do everything that is in their power and eventually burn out, because no matter how hard they try, they just can't start making money on Forex.

But there is a way to start earning instead of losing from the get-go. And this way is Forex Polaris.

Incredible System At Your Disposal
I'm not just making bold claims like these out of nowhere. I stand for everything I say, and I can prove all of the above. Interested? I bet you are! Well, let me tell you what all the fuzz is about.

When you first try to make it in trading, you get overexcited and spend all your time trying to soak up everything that the Internet can offer you. But there is so much! And soon you start to lose the grasp of what's important and intermix with something that's not important, or even wrong. Some of the info you get is outdated, some is not suited for everyone, and almost all of it requires more and more research to be utilized properly. Don't get me wrong, I don't say that you shouldn't learn about Forex. Studying and evolving is always very important in order to get good at what you want to do. What I say is that you should trust people who spent years perfecting their craft. All those complicated algorithms have already been automated and put into simpler form for you to get advantage of.

My advice is and always will be WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER.

Just follow highly accurate BUY/SELL signals generated by Forex Polaris and get your quick profit!
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No unpleasant surprises, only reliable BUY/SELL signals that stay fixed in place.
Easy Profit
Instant Download
No Repaint!
24/7 Support
We are always ready to answer your questions. You can email us at the weekends and at night.
Real & Demo Account
Yes, you will be able to use the indicator on two trading accounts at the same time!
Unique Technology
Take advantage of the innovative strategy developed by masterminds of the industry.
Why Choose Us?
*Forex Polaris is a digital product. You will receive
a download link right after the purchase.
Forex Polaris Features
It will take you under 5 minutes to download and install Forex Polaris to your MT4 platform. After you just put it on your charts and that's it! Now you can make money by following Forex Polaris accurate BUY/SELL signals – as easy as that!

Suited for Traders of
All Levels
The simplicity of the interface of Forex Polaris makes it suitable even for those traders who haven't downloaded MetaTrader yet, and the algorithms at its core will make it a great choice for each and every member of trading society, even the most experienced ones.

Plug-and-Play Trading System

I wanted my product to be the best trading software on the market. That is why I took great care into choosing what the algorithm would contain of. All the best trading solutions that I've come across during my trading years were carefully implemented into this masterpiece.

Combination of Several Profitable Strategies

We are a family-run business, so we take great care in choosing people for our company. We respect our members, and we know that our software represents our company and our work. That is why all the developers who help me with the software are professional traders themselves.

Created by Traders with 8+ Years of Experience

$179/one-time payment. Refund period is 60 days.
Pop-up Alerts with Sound on MT4 Platform
Forex Polaris Notification System
You don't have to stay up late or wake up early to sit at your computer and watch the market like a hawk - our built-in alert system will make it impossible for you to miss a trade! Once you hear the alert, just open the trade!
Instant Email
But, I thought you said I didn't have to be at my computer all day? We did, you don't. Instant email notifications you will let you know as soon as an alert is generated!
Push Notifications to Your Mobile Phone

You'll get a push notification when a signal is generated – then just open the MT4 app on your phone and enter the trade with the data that's been given to you! It's as simple as that.
What timeframes?
M15, M30, H1 and H4 timeframes.
What pairs?
All currency pairs!
What platform?
MetaTrader 4
Can I use it on multiple trading accounts?
Your Forex Polaris can be used on 1 real and 1 demo account at the same time.
How will I get the product after the purchase?
Instant download.
I have more questions!
Please contact us at and we will do our best to help you!
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Our 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
I know how important it is to have a safety net. Especially when it comes to trading. I want my members to be sure that what they get is what they really want. So I provide each and every Forex Polaris life-time order with a 60-days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your product, just email my support team and you will get your money back!

Forex Polaris: What You Will Get
User Guide
Rapid Support
Trading Algorithm
1 Real & 1 Demo
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Free Updates
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3 in 1 Tool
Patented Technology
No Repaint
Unique Strategy
$179/one-time payment. Refund period is 60 days.
If you have any questions, please Contact Us via email: or

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Return policy
With your purchase of Forex Polaris you understand and agree that the money-back guarantee for a 3-month package is valid within 1 day after the purchase and the money-back guarantee for a life-time package is valid within 14 days after the purchase. Any refund requests after this period will be rejected. Our company reserves the right to ask customers to confirm their refund request. If the customer does not confirm it within 3 calendar days, then the refund request is considered as invalid and it is annulled. Customers, who have purchased Forex Polaris for the second time, after they have already been refunded once, cannot be refunded again - since a second purchase of the product is made, we consider that the customer is happy with the product. Customers who got a subscription can cancel it anytime by contacting us by email.

Delivery rules
After placing an order, the buyer gets access to the success page, where he can download the installation files for the program and receive instructions for downloading and installing, as well as instructions for activating his copy of the software.