100% FREE "Super Trend Profit" MT4 Forex Indicator (No Repaint)
Super Trend Profit Indicator: BUY/SELL Trades Examples

Hi Trader! Today I'm sharing with you one of the most popular forex indicators among the novice traders. The developers of this tool claim 85-90% accuracy. And I should admit, the indicator is indeed interesting. I highly recommend trying it out!

Super Trend Profit indicator looks similar to a standard Moving Average. It is a line on the graph of the currency pair which varies depending on the direction of prices. In addition to the line direction, in reversal points it changes its color, thereby giving a signal to enter the market.

Super Trend Profit Indicator Overview

After the installation your trading chart will appear as the following image:

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At points of trend's change indicator also gives a sound signal and the words BUY/SELL appear on the graph. Moreover, there is an informer in the upper left corner of the graph which confirms the current trend. Finally, it is possible to set
the desired levels of Stop Loss and Take Profit in pips in the indicator's inputs.
The Super Trend Profit indicator has a fairly high level of versatility, since the accuracy of the signals it generates remains at an acceptable level on almost all time frames and assets, but it is recommended to trade on lower timeframes (M1 - M15) with this tool. To download the Super Trend Profit indicator, use the link that you can see below: